Car AC helps to maintaining a comfortable and cool temperature inside the car. It makes your journey more enjoyable, and you can avoid noises from outside by closing windows. When you notice your car ac suddenly starts blowing out warm air and water leakage occurs. That’s the right time to take your car to professionals for; car air conditioner repair. Before taking your automobile anywhere, you should know the problems a car ac can have due to negligence.

Check out the problems in detail!

Seven Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

Let’s have a look at the car air conditioning problems in detail.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

The low refrigerant level means poor working of the car air conditioner. It happens mostly in the winter when people do not use their car ac; it becomes less productive. Make sure to refill refrigerant levels every year because they get drop 15% every year. Resultantly, save your car ac from water leakage and blowing out warm air in summer.

I suggest taking your car to a reputed company like perthautorepair and refilling your car’s ac refrigerant levels is a perfect option. This way, you can enjoy your drive in the hot summer by keeping the inside temperature cool.

  • Defective Cooling Fan

Cooling fan helps car ac to remove the excess hot air when it gets released from the engine. If the cooling fan gets broken due to debris accumulation, wrong wiring connection, and electrical charge. Consequently, it starts blowing out hot air and makes your journey stressful. You need to go to a car mechanic for repairing the cooling fan so that your car air conditioner blows cool air and gives you a good feeling.

  • Poor Compressor

A compressor is an essential component of the car air conditioner. When its condition is poor, hot air suddenly starts blowing out of your AC. The compressor goes bad due to irregular use, especially in winter. I suggest using your car ac once a week in winter to maintain productivity. But, if your car ac compressor goes out of your hands, it is highly in need of a replacement by a specialist to work better.

  • Bad Condenser

The condenser sometimes gets broken or blocked due to debris. In this way, the air conditioner starts blowing out hot air. Removing the dirt from the clogged condenser can be effective to address the issue. But, when it gets broken, you need to go to a professional to replace the condenser to make your car ac workable again.

  • Foul Smell

Sometimes when you turn on your car’s air conditioner, your nostrils are hit with a foul smell. Why? It's because of bacteria and fungi buildup behind the dashboard on the evaporator. When they start growing due to this, smell produces through the ac vents.

You can stop this foul smell from the air conditioner by proper cleaning or taking your car to the experts. The technician uses an anti-bacterial solution and kills the germs. This way, bad smells get stopped coming out of the car air conditioner.

  • Electrical Issue

Car air conditioners usually get affected by wrong or frayed wiring connections. If the wire gets worn out, simply wrap the wires using tape. After this, if the car's ac does not perform well, go to a technician to repair the air conditioner wires. In this way, your car’s ac starts blowing out cool air and keeps the environment sound.

  • Make Noises

When you turn on the car air conditioner, it makes squealing, grinding, and rattling noises. All these sounds show that your car's ac is not in appropriate condition. The grinding and squealing noise indicate the bearing is worn out. In addition, the rattling sound indicates compressor issues. Take your car to the expert mechanic and repair it on time.


In short, if you notice any problem mentioned earlier with your car's air conditioning. It's the right time to go to experts for car air conditioner repair and get cool air. Consequently, make your road journey exciting.